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Lisa Cannada, M.D. Receives New Ruth Jackson Award

Lisa Cannada, M.D. / Source: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Renown orthopedic trauma surgeon Lisa Cannada, M.D. of the Novant Health Orthopaedic Fracture Clinic/Hughston Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, is the first recipient of the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society’s new annual award: “She For She.”

The award recognizes a female orthopedic surgeon who serves as a supporter of other women in orthopedics, mentoring and empowering women at all stages of their careers to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The award criteria includes:

  • Advocate for all women in orthopedics.
  • Provide support, mentorship, and sponsorship for multiple women.
  • Inspire women to strive for stretch positions.
  • Promote work/life balance.
  • Encourage camaraderie among women.
  • Walk side-by-side with female colleagues, lifting others up.

Dr. Cannada, told OTW, “I am motivated to help younger female colleagues because they represent our future.”

“Our specialty cannot grow if we’re not helping to develop young professionals. Whether it is a medical student exploring the specialty, a resident wanting to perform their best, a young surgeon in fellowship who’s choosing a job, to a young practitioner who’s navigating a bumpy path, it is important that these colleagues feel like they have someone they can turn to and trust.”

“I can use my experiences, knowledge, resources, and connections to help them. And I try to make myself available as much as possible to help. Sometimes all they need is someone to talk to.”

A Trusted Guide for Off-Curriculum Issues

“Young professionals need someone who understands their needs and can guide them. In addition, some of the important topics they need most center around the intangibles or skills that are not part of any curriculum.”

“These include developing and maintaining relationships, proper time management and navigating difficult topics such discrimination, bullying and harassment. It is always important, when faced with a new position, to start off on the right foot and remember you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, which I try to help them be a lasting and positive impression.”

How Exactly to Mentor

“There are lots of great mentors out there. What I find today is that many people want to help others. One of my key lessons in being a good mentor is to be ‘SILENT’ and ‘LISTEN.’ Those two words contain the same six letters and must be followed to truly help others. Be silent while they are talking, pay attention to verbal cues (I try to have mentoring sessions by Zoom or FaceTime and if not in person), avoid distractions (no cellphones) and indicate that you have listened to what they are saying by your expressions and verbalizing what they are saying. Make your time mentoring count by using those six letters.”

“My elevator pitch is this: no matter what specialty you choose, it should be a passion. Orthopedics is the best specialty in the world—you get to help people get better…and as a trauma surgeon, I never know what each day brings.”

“Have a plan, both short- and long-term, to meet your career goals and if life gives you lemons, make lemonade as you get to go to a job every day that requires continual refinement of skills, application of new technology and allows for lifelong learning which helps you grow as both a surgeon and a person. And remember, orthopedics is a small world and there are great people around you who you will be able to grow with.”


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