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Next Generation Spine Companies and 2021 Outlook

Source: RRY Publications, Andrew Huth and Rothman Institute

Over the next decade, sales of spinal surgery implants, instruments, pharmaceuticals and other novel treatments for chronic and disabling back pain will, say the analysts on Wall Street, rise from $10 billion in 2020 to $14-16 billion by 2030. In terms of the overall economic cost of chronic back pain, economists estimate that it hit a staggering $250 billion (National Spine Health Foundation) in direct expenses and lost work time in 2020. To the extent that the future care givers can restore patient functionality and relieve back pain, the potential return on cost is a staggering 25 to 1: ($1 spent on treatment could deliver $25 in savings).

The spine treatment community is experiencing a period of rapid innovation and a new generation of key opinion leaders. The champions of instrumented internal fixation, stability via intervertebral innovations, biologically enhanced fusion and innovative surgical approaches, who still dominate the podiums at spine meetings, will soon be sharing the stage with a younger generation who speak software, big data, artificial intelligence, robotic assistance, neuromodulation, RNA-based pharmacology and multi-functional, additively manufactured, biologically interactive materials.

New terminology, new concepts, more MIS, more ASC and more reliable and affordable spine care. Hang on tight, it’s coming in hot.

Welcome to the March 30, 2021 special edition of Orthopedics This Week where we check in on both new companies and a handful of well-established suppliers (like Medtronic or Globus Medical) who are also driving the future of spine care. This is not an all-inclusive list. HOWEVER, like a good additive manufacturer process—we will add new layers of suppliers to the list in future special editions…this year!

Thank you for your support and interest. — Robin Young, Editor and Publisher, Orthopedics This Week

7D Surgical – 7D Surgical is a Toronto-based medical device company that develops advanced optical technologies and machine-vision algorithms to improve surgical workflow and patient care. The flagship FLASH™ Navigation System uses only visible light, eliminating the patient and staff exposure to intraoperative radiation, and delivering profound improvements to surgical workflow in spine and cranial procedures. The machine-vision technology, similar to GPS navigation in self-driving vehicles, creates a three-dimensional image for surgical navigation in just seconds, resulting in shorter and more efficient spinal procedures. 7D Surgical is setting course for accelerated growth in 2021. The company is focused on key global expansion initiatives into the European market and additional countries worldwide. 7D Surgical is also poised to roll-out a strong innovation pipeline of upcoming product launches and product line enhancements. Most notably, the highly anticipated launch of their FLASH™ Percutaneous Spine Module, expected to begin clinical deployment in the second half of the year. Additionally, 7D Surgical will be adding more navigated instruments to the existing spine and cranial portfolio. The FLASH Navigation System is the only approved image guidance system that utilizes this novel and proprietary camera-based technology, coupled with machine-vision algorithms to eliminate the long-standing frustrations with legacy surgical navigation platforms. The speed, accuracy, and efficiency combined with a fundamentally streamlined surgical workflow provides significant economic value and harnesses the true potential of image guidance – all while enabling a safe and radiation-free surgical environment. Beau Standish, CEO – Brian Stuart, Chief Revenue Officer –

Axis Spine Technologies, Ltd – Developing the future of anterior spinal fusion – portfolio of anterior cages enables surgeons to achieve and maintain superior correction and alignment. Axis cage technology has specific, on-axis designs to address ALIF, OLIF and Lateral approaches. The vertebral endplate is a critical structure when using the disc space to achieve spinal realignment. In many cases the endplate is damaged during cage insertion or deployment. Endplate damage often leads to post-operative subsidence with a loss of height and or loss of lordosis. Axis atraumatic insertion aims to protect the structural integrity of the endplate to provide a stable foundation for correction and for the maintenance of correction post-operatively. A further benefit of Axis proprietary technology is an uncoupling of height and angle. The desired height for foraminal opening is selected independently from the lordotic angle. Increased disc height, foraminal height and segmental lordosis are reported to correlate with improved quality of life outcome measures1. Axis patented graft chamber enables easy packing with graft and is designed to mitigate against graft leakage and migration. The Axis-ALIF modular endplates also provide coronal correction capabilities which means surgeons can address coronal mismatch at the lumbo-sacral junction for the first time. Axis Spine Technologies, Bespoke Patient Solutions...To Correct, To Maintain, To Fuse…What’s Your Angle™? Come and see us at State of Spine Surgery Think Tank, 24-26 June or visit and book a Virtual Reality demonstration. Axis-ALIF is cleared by the US FDA.

1 Hawasli AH et al. Neurosurg Focus 2017;43:E10

Bolt Spine Navigation System - The Bolt Navigation System democratizes spine navigation as it empowers a surgeon in any OR setting, using any implant system, anyplace in the world to achieve superior outcomes while improving workflow efficiency, reducing radiation exposure and meaningfully reducing cost. Their remarkably accurate technology has demonstrated superior accuracy compared to legacy systems, has near zero footprint and is available on a subscription business model making it incredibly easy to access and utilize. They are looking forward to making their regulatory submission and hope to achieve initial commercialization in 2021. In the meantime, they are focused on building their pre-clinical and clinical publication foundation and are particularly excited about the results of a head-to-head clinical study versus a large, expensive, cumbersome legacy system that is one of the current standards. Bolt offers a remarkably accurate, easy to use, low-cost, and safe spine navigation solution. The system utilizes an iPod touch, with its familiar touch screen interface, A10 fusion chip, 8MP camera, and highly sensitive gyroscope-on-chip technology to efficiently and effectively guide fixation placement. John Dorman, Chairman, Patrick West, CEO,, +1.207.651.1334

Camber Spine – “For Camber Spine, 2021 is shaping up to be a landmark year in our development. We are implementing a national rollout of our complete system required to perform Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) surgeries. With its less complicated, simpler approach to treating complex spinal pathologies, we believe Camber Spine’s OLIF system is poised to change the way spine care is delivered to patients around the globe. Our product pipeline for the year remains robust as we continue to advance our current portfolio of surgical solutions in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spaces—all while incorporating our state-of-the-art manufacturing and 3-D printing innovations with an acute sensitivity to patient anatomy and surgeon needs. Camber Spine now has 20 products with 510(k) clearances and over 28 active or issued patents, including two award-winning, highly innovative, and IP protected device platforms that support faster spinal fusion and recovery in various techniques: ENZA (MIS Integrated Interbody) spinal fusion implants; and SPIRA OA (Open Architecture 3D printed) spinal fusion and orthopedic implants. Our SPIRA and ENZA product lines continue robust growth in 2021. Based on clinical feedback, customer enthusiasm, and our multi-city series of OLIF training labs, 2021 is poised to be the strongest year in the company’s history.” Innovative spine and medical technology company Camber Spine Technologies is dedicated to creating surgeon-designed solutions in MIS and minimally disruptive access for the treatment of complex spinal pathology. --Max Painter, Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing - For more information, visit Camber Spine

Centinel Spine®, LLC – Centinel Spine is the largest privately-held spine company focused on anterior column reconstruction. The company offers a continuum of trusted, brand-name, motion-preserving and fusion solutions backed by over 30 years of clinical success—providing the most robust and clinically-proven technology platforms in the world for total disc replacement (prodisc®) and Integrated Interbody™ fusion (STALIF®). Today, Centinel Spine advances its pioneering culture and continues its corporate mission to become the worldwide leading company addressing spinal disease anteriorly with the widest breadth & depth of technology platforms. Centinel Spine stands alone as the only company with comprehensive motion-preserving and fusion solutions for both cervical and lumbar anterior column reconstruction. For more information, visit Centinel Spine, or contact Varun Gandhi, Chief Financial Officer, 900 Airport Road, Suite 3B, West Chester, PA 19380, Phone: 484-887-8871, Email:

Choice Spine – ChoiceSpine™ is a privately held spinal implant company located in Knoxville, TN. Founded in 2006, ChoiceSpine is dedicated to doing spine the right way by collaborating with exceptional industry partners. ChoiceSpine is committed to improving people’s lives with a positive customer experience. ChoiceSpine offers comprehensive fusion solutions from Cervical, Thoracolumbar and Osteobiologics products. Their osteobiologics portfolio includes synthetics, DBM’s, structural allograft, and amnion allografts. With cutting edge technologies like our VEO® Direct Visualization Retractor System, and 3D printed additive manufactured implants; their research and development teams strive towards designing best in class solutions. Cervical Fusion Solutions: Boomerang™ Stackable ACP is compatible with Tiger Shark™ Cervical 3D Printed Spacer and Stealth™ PEEK Cervical Interbody. Hawkeye™ Ti Corpectomy Interbody, Ambassador® Cervical Plate, Falcon™ Cervical Plate, Tomcat™ Stand-Alone Cervical, Blackhawk™ Self-locking Integrated Cervical and Blackbird™ Posterior Cervical System. Lumbar Fusion Solutions: Thunderbolt™ MIS Screw System, Lancer™ Open Pedicle Screw System, Typhoon™ Facet Screw System, Tiger Shark™ Straight and TL 3D printed Interbodies, Hawkeye™ PEEK Corpectomy Interbody, and wide range of lumbar PEEK interbodies. Anterior Lumbar Fusion Solutions: Raven™ Anterior Lumbar Plate System, Harrier™ Stand-Alone 3D printed and Harrier™ PEEK Anterior Interbody. Lateral Fusion Solutions: VEO® Direct Visualization Retractor System, Tiger Shark™ Lateral 3D Printed Interbody, VEO PEEK Interbody and Raven™ Lateral Plate System. Osteobiologics: Stratofuse® DBM 100 - 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix, Stratofuse® Fiber Putty - Demineralized Bone Matrix with Cortical Fibers and Stratofuse® HA/TCP - Synthetic Bone putty. Stratogen® Flow - Amniotic Fluid Allograft, Stratogen® Membrane - Amniotic Tissue Matrix. For more information, please visit

CoreLink, LLC – CoreLink internally designs and manufactures more than 99% of its broad portfolio of spinal implant systems. With a unique heritage that combines old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing, they collaborate with surgeons to develop and deliver effective surgical solutions and improve the lives of patients. CoreLink is heavily investing in product development to grow their portfolio and better serve surgeon partners. “We have multiple new products featuring Mimetic Metal® technology coming this year and recently introduced new implant and instrument options for the M3 Stand-alone ALIF System. Our comprehensive lateral platform continues to exceed surgeon expectations due to the surgical efficiency it offers with the low-profile Oro™ Lateral Plate and the ability to optionally attach to either the F3D or PEEK Lateral interbodies. It is not just about the products; we are focusing on the data and science behind our innovative technologies with ongoing prospective studies on our FLXfit®15 Posterior Lumbar System and pre-clinical studies of Mimetic Metal,” said Jay Bartling, CEO of CoreLink. “We look forward to sharing our results and anticipate several additional launches in the coming months.” Mimetic Metal technology combines a lattice scaffolding and inner trabecular pores and is designed to emulate the structural, functional, and physiological properties of natural bone. FLXfit15 is designed to maximize lordosis correction with up to 15 degrees of controlled in-situ expansion. The articulating footprints streamline device insertion and maximize anterior lumbar support and endplate surface coverage. For more information, visit

Esaote – Through recent studies, results have shown that weight-bearing MR imaging can show diagnostic information necessary to evaluate musculoskeletal disorders that affect joints, hips, and importantly the spine. The Esaote G-scan Brio dedicated MRI can image by MRI techniques with the patient in a weight-bearing position, and so potentially reveal pathologies that are subject to change due to body weight loading. This MRI imaging will be carried out in the supine & weight-bearing positions for comparison of images to allows any pathology or structural changes to be demonstrated, for example, back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis could be imaged this way to evaluate a patient’s problems. From a recent study on 163 cases of patients that were scheduled for intervention, it was demonstrated that in 48% of the cases the treatment plans have been determined or modified. According to the authors, radiologist and spine surgeon, WB-MRI provides significant information which can help to establish a proper diagnosis that leads to a correct and appropriate intervention plan, especially for minimal invasive spine surgery (MISS). From the study: In 21% of the cases, so 1 out of 5 patients, the treatment plan was changed based on the information from Weight-Bearing MRI! For information on recent publications on WB-MRI by the radiology community see the Thieme publications.

Global Spine Congress 2021 – The Global Spine Congress is the leading world class spine congress gathering thousands of spine surgeons worldwide. GSC is a fantastic opportunity to gather information and learn more about the industry—featuring high-quality speakers, pre-courses and workshops, coupled with one of the largest exhibitions for our industry. The GSC provides a unique opportunity to support a highly regarded scientific program and engage an audience of spine care professionals from over 80 countries. Now a hybrid event, GSC 2021 taking place from November 3-6, 2021 in Paris, France, will deliver the same high-quality scientific program and offer opportunities for networking and professional development whether you decide to attend in-person at our venue in Paris or online. The four-day scientific program will feature talks from leading international spine experts on hot topics in the field of spine care such as AI, Endoscopy, and Robotics. Pre-courses, before the scientific program begins, will offer access to international medical expertise in spine care and research. It's not too late to register. GSC 2021 is now offering a late bird registration through April 30, 2021. Register today to enjoy further discounts on your registration fees. For more information and to register, visit the official congress website.

Globus Medical, Inc. – Globus Medical is a leading musculoskeletal solutions company, is driving significant technological advancements across a complete suite of products ranging from spinal, trauma, and joint reconstruction therapies to imaging, navigation, and robotics. Founded in 2003, Globus’ single-minded focus on advancing spinal surgery has made it the fastest growing company in the history of orthopedics. Globus is driven to utilize high-level engineering and technology to achieve pain-free, active lives for all patients with musculoskeletal disorders. For more information, visit Globus Medical, Inc.

Imperial College London – Imperial College London is a new, innovative spinal implant test facility set to be launched at Imperial College London, providing ASTM standard procedures, and bespoke testing, for spinal fusion cages and artificial discs. The recently introduced rigs and fixtures are designed to conduct the following tests:

  •  Static and dynamic characterization of intervertebral body fusion devices per ASTM F2077
  •   Static and dynamic characterization of spinal artificial discs per ASTM F2346
  •  Measuring load-induced subsidence of spinal implants per ASTM F2267
  •   Expulsion of spinal implants

As part of the newly awarded EPSRC Injury and Reconstruction Biomechanics Test Suite, the spinal implant testing service is joining a renowned cutting-edge research and industry translation facility. The ASTM procedures are offered in conjunction with well-established cadaveric and bespoke testing, as well as finite-element modelling capabilities, thus providing a competent partner to companies throughout their device development. The launch of this new UK-based facility contributes to the expansion of the European implant testing market. This expansion is essential to sustain the growth of the spinal implant market within Europe, and provides a more cost-effective, localized alternative for spinal implant companies to develop and deliver their products to the U.S. and global market. Regardless of your stage of development, the test suite is ready to hear from you and start delivering your testing needs. To find out more about the facility and how we can meet your requirements, contact the team at, who will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

Kuros Biosciences – Today, nearly 1 in 5 spinal fusions fail. But, what can we do to change this situation - for the benefit of patients, surgeons and our wider society? This is the question that drives Kuros Biosciences. Every day their team works across three continents to unlock the hidden secrets of bone healing through their research, development & technology programs. To deliver the ideal bone graft, they believe you need the highest quality & quantity of scientific evidence behind it. Which is why their research programs bring together an unprecedented blend of scientific, pre-clinical and clinical studies—all aimed at making the unpredictable…predictable. They help patients live fuller, more active lives by giving surgeons technology they need to eliminate non-unions. Their MagnetOs bone graft achieves this with a unique surface design proven to unlock the untapped power of the body’s immune system by growing new bone throughout the graft - for more predictable fusions.* For important safety information please visit here. So, if you want to get a better grip on non-unions visit or email them and they would be pleased to explain more. John Paul Griffin, Head of Commercial Operations, T +1 (508) 250-7837, E; Emily Ma, Director of Marketing, T +1-201-739-6199, E

*MagnetOs has been proven to generate more predictable fusions than two commercially available alternatives in an ovine model of posterolateral fusion. Results from in vivo laboratory testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans.

Life Instruments Corporation – Life Instruments is dedicated to serving hospitals, surgery centers and healthcare professionals with the highest quality surgical instruments. They offer a large array of instruments for orthopedic and neurosurgery as well as specialize in custom requests. Handcrafted from the finest materials, their instruments are longer and lighter to provide maximum comfort and better control. Perfectly balanced for excellent feel and ease of use, Life Instruments are an extension of the surgeon's hands. They carry a large selection of disc prep instruments that include Curettes, Elevators, Rongeurs, Retractors, Osteotomes, Gouges and many more. Life Instruments is working on many new designs that they will launch in 2021. Visit them at this Fall’s conferences and see: 1. Zelpi Retractors – Made in the USA, features a unique locking mechanism that guarantees against slipping and provides a 5-6” exposure. Varying length arms and their newest design has radiolucent arms! 2. Micro Surgical Instrument Set – The Micro Surgical Instrument Set consists of 36 instruments for Micro Discectomy procedures, bayonet curettes, probes, dissectors, rongeurs & more. All instruments in one complete set! 3. American Rainbow Curettes – The American Rainbow Curettes, handcrafted in the USA, are perfectly balanced and hold a very sharp edge. Anodized color handles easily identify the various sizes in the set. 4. Osteotomes – The Life Instrument osteotomes are perfectly tapered and hold a very sharp edge. Surgeons remark on the sharpness of the osteotomes. Larry Foley Owner Joanne Luca President For more information, visit Life Instruments Corporation.

LifeLink Foundation – LifeLink is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery of lifesaving and life-enhancing organs and tissue for transplantation therapy. The Foundation works in a sensitive, diligent, and compassionate manner to facilitate the donation of desperately needed organs and tissues for waiting patients. LifeLink Tissue Bank provides quality allograft bone and tissue to patients all over the world. In addition, LifeLink is looking for strategic partners for contract allograft tissue processing. Their entire staff of business development personnel, R&D engineers, Quality engineers and Processing staff are willing to assist your company in bringing your next allograft to the marketplace. Additionally, LifeLink supports research efforts to enhance the available supply of organs and tissues for transplant patients and to improve patient clinical outcomes after transplantation and participates in partnership with organizations whose projects and objectives complement their life-saving mission. “At LifeLink, we remain focused on developing new Regenerative Medicine allografts and products, and continue looking to align with the appropriate partners to enhance our mission.” Michael Consilvio, General Manager, Executive Director of LifeLink Tissue Bank. Some of LifeLink Tissue Bank allogaft offerings are LifeGraft® ACDF Allograft Spacers which are a full line of parallel/lordotic cervical spacers with multiple footprints (11.5x14.5mm and 14x14mm), LifeFlex® Demineralized Cancellous Strips with a porous structure that provides osteoconductive scaffold and LifeFlex® Demineralized Cortical Fibers featuring optimal fiber design that provides ideal handling characteristics for fluid retention and expansion. Mike Consilvio, General Manager, Executive Director,; Tim Ignatius, VP, Sales and Marketing,; Brad Bassler, VP, Associate Executive Director, For more information, visit LifeLink Foundation.

Mainstay Medical – Mainstay Medical is a medical device company focused on commercializing an innovative implantable Restorative Neurostimulation system, ReActiv8®, for people with disabling mechanical chronic low back pain (CLBP). After a significant financing where the company raised in excess of US$100 million in February 2021, Jason Hannon, CEO, commented “We are now strongly capitalized to execute on our corporate objectives in 2021 and beyond, including the launch of ReActiv8 in the U.S. market and acceleration of our commercialization efforts in Europe and Australia.” ReActiv8 is an active implantable medical device designed to treat adults with intractable chronic low back pain associated with dysfunction of the lumbar multifidus muscle, a key stabilizing muscle of the low back, as evidenced by imaging or physiological testing in adults who have failed therapy, including pain medications and physical therapy, and are not candidates for spine surgery. For more information, visit Mainstay Medical or contact: Jason Hannon, CEO,; Matt Onaitis, CFO,; Elias Tu, Vice President, US Sales,; Derek Matteo, Vice President, Marketing,

Medtronic – Making healthcare better is Medtronic's priority, and they believe medical technology can play an even greater role in improving people’s lives. With challenges facing families and healthcare systems—such as rising costs, aging populations, and the burden of chronic disease—they are using the power of technology to take healthcare Further, Together. Innovation and collaboration are central to who they are. Since the late 1940s, they have been working with others to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Today, they are a medical technology leader, employing more than 84,000 people worldwide, and offering therapies and solutions that enable greater efficiency, access, and value—for healthcare systems, providers, and the people they serve. Learn more at

Mizuho OSI – Mizuho OSI is the industry leader for spine and orthopedic trauma specialty surgery tables. Their mission is to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery. Since introducing the first dedicated Spinal Table System in 1992, the company has revolutionized the industry by providing surgeons with greater surgical access, unobstructed imaging, and enhanced safety. With products like the ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table and the Levó™ Head Positioning System, surgeons can better anatomically align the patient’s spine intraoperatively with the touch of a button. The Trios® Surgical Table System is a modular platform featuring a two-column base with three interchangeable table tops that create the flexibility needed to support a wide variety of procedures. Recently the company launched the Air Barrier System, an infection control device used in spine surgery that protects the surgical site from airborne particulates and pathogens during surgery. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mizuho OSI develops, manufacturers, and sells specialty surgical tables, pressure injury abatement solutions, and patient care kits. The company also provides full OEM service and support. “Mizuho OSI’s mission is to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery, and the Air Barrier System’s ability to significantly reduce the accumulation of infection-causing pathogens at the surgical site aligns very well with our company goal,” said Greg Neukirch, VP of Sales & Marketing, Mizuho OSI. “We are very excited to introduce the benefits of the ABS to customers. It is a great addition to our specialty surgical table and pressure abatement product portfolio.” For more information, visit Mizuho OSI or contact Greg Neukirch, Vice President of Sales & Marketing,, (510) 429-1500 x 153

Molecular Surface Technologies (MST) – MST has developed a platform technology for covalently bonding molecules to the surface of spinal implants. These surfaces can be antimicrobial, hydrophobic (lubricious), or biogenic. MST’s primary focus is on the development of its antimicrobial treatment that utilizes a proprietary end group that kills 99.9 to 99.9999% of bacteria prevalent in the operating room at one hour. The treatment is safe for mammalian cells, and the process is cost effective and familiar to implant manufacturers. They are confident that their technology will be cleared by way of a 510(k) or de novo and they will be able to get a partner to the FDA in 12-16 months. This groundbreaking technology will highly differentiate products by helping in the fight against bacterial transmission during surgery. Changes in reimbursement for post-operative infections have made hospitals even more aware of this ongoing issue and are looking for their implant partners to find solutions. MST’s binding capability has been used to make surfaces highly lubricious or slippery, and work is proceeding to bind growth factors to surfaces to improve and expedite bone healing. MST believes that these technologies will create new standards of care in the medical industry by improving both new and existing products. MST looks forward to partnering with implant companies to bring this innovative technology to market and improve patient outcomes. MST was founded by and is being driven by Dr. Gordon Donald MD Orthopedic Surgeon and serial entrepreneur, Marc Burel CEO long term medical executive, and Dr. Randal Clevenger PhD. CSO and surface chemistry expert. For more information, visit Molecular Surface Technologies.

The Regenerative Medicine Training Institute (RMTI) – RMTI is committed to providing quality hands-on training you will not receive anywhere else. Their cutting-edge technology, accompanied by an expert rotating faculty, is the premier choice to advance your biologics knowledge and capabilities. Their course curriculum encompasses and uses the different types of platelet-rich plasma formulations, autologous cell therapy utilizing bone marrow aspirate, bone marrow concentrates, and adipose for Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Osteopathic, Spine, and other physicians to treat many musculoskeletal conditions. RMTI offers peer-to-peer programs in a comfortable setting. The faculty develop each course to share their experiences, techniques, approaches, and overall guidance when starting, managing or increasing your biologics toolset for your practice. RMTI believes that sharing this information in a clinical and educational setting delivers an unparalleled educational experience for the practitioner. RMTI Alumni, 600+ Worldwide! Their training programs are unbiased and non-soliciting – their purpose is to provide excellent education on FDA cleared products and procedures. Join them for a program. For more information, visit RMT Institute: 800-467-0844.

Steribite®, LLC – The Steribite single use kerrison rongeur is a spinoff of Intelisurg, LLC. Intelisurg is a surgical instrument company that manufactures, imports and markets high quality U.S. and German surgical instruments and related products. They are focused on developing unique products that improve patient safety, operating technique, and surgeon satisfaction. Intelisurg's new website is designed to make finding instruments logical and easy.  In 2021 Steribite will concentrate its efforts in three main areas. They plan to continue their national rollout of their Steribite kerrison through their exclusive distribution network, with over 75 sales representatives in the field across the United States. The company will expand the product line to include an 11" Steribite kerrison. Additionally, they have development projects underway for other disposable and limited use instruments. Lastly, they will continue to consolidate and streamline their manufacturing processes. Steribite owns a controlling interest in PMG, LLC, a machine shop in Wooster, Ohio that makes the critical stainless-steel shafts and performs other manufacturing steps. Everyone at Steribite and Intelisurg wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2021.  For more information, visit Steribite, or contact John Redmond-CEO, Lisa Hower-Operations Manager, Amy Turchek-Bindus-Customer Service Manager, Mark Whiteaker-Chief Technical Officer.

SteriCUBE - The future of spinal instrument and implant sterilization. The SteriCUBE System is a multi-instrument tray sterilization solution that increases efficiencies in both the sterile processing department and the operating room. The SteriCUBE allows you to process up to 12 unwrapped, unlidded surgical instrument trays in one "Cube" allowing for a decrease in expensive supplies, processing time, and staff prep time that can now be used to complete other critical tasks. The SteriCUBE is proven to reduce OR start and turnover times by an average of 15 minutes per CUBE utilized! Proven time savings = extra surgeries per day. The SteriCUBE has been validated and FDA-cleared for lumens down to an inner diameter of 0.7mm and an overall length of 500mm and lumens with an inner diameter of 1.0mm and an overall length of 850mm. Have confidence that your cannulated screws, with .8mm guidewires, are truly sterile! Patented Multiple Tray Sterilization System (aka “The CUBE”) dramatically lowers risk of failure resulting in surgical delays!

  • Eliminate holes in wraps and wetpacks
  • Reduce wrapping materials and labor costs
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce Workers Comp injury
  • Increase throughput & reduce instrument turnover time by eliminating multiple steps
  • Reduce OR turnover time by minimum one minute per tray
  • Reduce pick time – all patient’s instruments are sterilized together
  • Reduce or eliminate flashing
  • Reduce surgical delays and cancellations
  • Improve surgeon and staff satisfaction

The SteriCUBE solves so many of today’s problems. Now available in multiple sizes. Placement options (no upfront capital) are also available. For more information, visit The SteriCUBE or contact them at, Telephone: 908-300-7093.

SurGenTec – SurGenTec is an ISO 13485 manufacturer founded in 2016 with the idea of creating unique technologies for the orthopedic and spine markets. Since inception it has pioneered numerous devices and biologics focusing on minimally invasive surgery. In the last three years, two SurGenTec devices have been granted an OTW Best New Spine Technology Award. SurGenTec’s first product released was the GraftGun, a universal bone graft delivery system that allows physicians to load their choice of bone graft or use pre-filled cartridges. SurGenTec’s second product, the ALARA neuro access needle, allows physicians to measure neuromonitoring intraoperatively. This feature adds another level of safety in pedicle screw fixation and has the potential to decrease the risk of nerve injury. OsteoFlo NanoPutty is their signature synthetic bone graft featuring quadphasic particles and nano-surface technology. It comes as a flowable/moldable putty which doesn’t require reconstituting. Each particle contains 4 different biomaterials to provide an optimal resorption profile. SurGenTec’s newly released 3D GraftRasp works in conjunction with the GraftGun to allow for decortication of the lateral gutters while delivering bone graft to the surgical site. SurGenTec looks forward to releasing new technologies throughout 2021 in the U.S. while also increasing its presence internationally. “2021 will be an exciting year of growth, highlighted by the addition of numerous products to our existing portfolio. In particular, we are excited to bring to market a novel procedure dedicated to helping patients in chronic pain,” said SurGenTec CEO Travis Greenhalgh. Key executives: Travis Greenhalgh-CEO, Andrew Shoup-COO, Matt Marta-VP of Sales For more information, visit SurGenTec.

Woven Orthopedic Technologies, LLC  – Woven Orthopedic Technologies is the developer of the Ogmend® Implant Enhancement System—the drywall anchor for human bone. Billions of bone screws are used each year to help maintain length, alignment, and rotation during orthopedic surgery. When surgeons are faced with challenging, compromised fixation scenarios that make it difficult to obtain adequate fixation, they turn to Ogmend for support. Ogmend is a simple, elegant solution that functions similarly to a drywall anchor and can be implanted in under two minutes when used in conjunction with industry’s currently available screw systems to enhance fixation, especially in worst-case scenarios. With its patented design, Ogmend addresses the underlying element that impacts screw fixation and offers surgeons the opportunity to enhance fixation immediately and maintain that fixation over time. Each Ogmend Implant accommodates a wide range of screw sizes, can be used across a wide variety of procedures, and can be pulled off-the-shelf without the need for complex capital equipment, kits, or sets. Ogmend is available in Europe under CE clearance for use in spine surgery and in the U.S. under FDA clearance for use in trauma surgery. For more information about Woven Orthopedic Technologies or Ogmend or to inquire about the availability of Ogmend in your hospital, please visit their Woven Orthopedics Technologies or contact Media contact: Brandon Bendes, President,, 860.259.1262


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